MILO® Cereals


MILO cereal gives your kids wholesome energy, made from wholegrain wheat and corn. With 50% or more wholegrain, MILO cereal is a nutritious way to start to your kid’s day. We forget just how much energy it takes to be a kid and do all the things kids need to get done in their day.



MILO cereal. It’s the goodness of MILO and Wholegrain energy that keeps up with your kids. Did you know? Since 2003, the delicious MILO cereal your kids know and love has:

·      Doubled in wholegrain, making it the #1 ingredient

·      Doubled in fibre, to provide a ‘source’ of fibre

·      Halved in saturated fat, to be less than 2% daily take per serve

·      Achieved HSR of 4 stars  

·      No artificial colours or flavours (achieved in 2015)

·      High in Vitamin D (achieved in 2018)

Enjoy MILO® Cereal as part of a Balanced Breakfast

A balanced breakfast will give you and your family the very best start to the day. You need a good mix of carbohydrates, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. These are found in lots of foods, and you can choose pretty much what you like, as long as you pick from the different breakfast food groups - grains,fruit and diary – and of course a glass of water.

One serve from each of these food groups will set everyone up for the day ahead. 

To enjoy a balanced breakfast each day include grains (preferably whole grain or high fibre), dairy and fruit.ā-kai-tōtika-mō-te-hunga-kōhungahunga