MILO® goes the XTRA distance
Classic MILO® gets XTRA protein,
XTRA chocolatey, XTRA crunch


MILO®  has launched MILO®  XTRA, offering 25% more protein than regular MILO®  with milk*, more crunch and more intense chocolate taste than original MILO®.


MILO®  goes the XTRA distance


When made with milk, a single glass of MILO®  XTRA provides 12g of protein, perfect for active Aussies as protein helps the body recover by building and repairing muscles2.


For those looking for a more intense chocolatey flavour, new MILO®  XTRA has extra cocoa, providing a delicious flavour that Aussies will love.


And there’s even more of the iconic MILO®  crunch, thanks to the extra cocoa and milk powder in MILO®  XTRA.


Nestlé Dairy Business Manager Anna Stewart said: “We know MILO®  is an iconic Australian favourite, and we want the classic taste of MILO®  to be extra enjoyable.  


“Our bodies need different nutrients at different stages, and protein can play a key role for many people, particularly teenagers and active Aussies.


“We’re excited to offer more of the chocolatey MILO®  taste and crunch Aussies know and love, while providing these additional nutritional benefits like more protein, which can be beneficial for muscle growth and development2.”


MILO®  XTRA contains a combination of vitamins and minerals to help support a healthy body2:


• 25% more protein per serve than regular MILO®  with milk, when prepared as directed
• MILO®  XTRA and milk is low GI1, providing slow release, sustained energy for an active day2
• Eight essential vitamins and minerals for a nutritional boost


MILO®  XTRA (RRP $6.99, 395g) is available in Coles nationwide now, and independent supermarkets from April.


The launch of MILO®  XTRA follows the recent launch of MILO®  Plant Based, a delicious dairy alternative to classic MILO® , and the 2019 launch of MILO®  30% Less Added Sugar, as the 86 year old iconic MILO®  range expands to meet the changing needs of a new generation.


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 1GI = 32 (Low) when made with skim milk
 2When MILO®  XTRA and milk is consumed as part of a healthy diet containing a variety of foods
*25% more protein than regular MILO®  with milk, prepared as directed

New MILO® Plant Based launches
Plant Based cans sprouting up on shelves across the country


When it comes to that unmistakeable choc-malt taste and iconic crunch, Aussies know ‘You’ve Gotta Be Made of MILO®’. And now MILO® lovers looking for a delicious dairy alternative can rejoice with the launch of MILO Plant Based.


The classic favourite has entered a new market with a dairy alternative option that doesn’t compromise on the nostalgic taste that Australians grew up with.


Nestlé Dairy Business Manager Anna Stewart said that with more Aussies turning to dairy alternatives, it was time for more MILO® fans to be able to enjoy the classic taste of MILO®.


“As we know people are looking for more plant based products, it was time to look at how MILO® could evolve to offer more options that don’t compromise on taste,” Ms Stewart said.


“MILO® Plant Based is created using the same core ingredients as original MILO® – malt, barley and cocoa, but we’ve taken out the milk powder, reduced the added sugar, and added plant based ingredients from soy and oats.”


MILO® Plant Based is a vegan friendly option made from no animal ingredients.


It contains a combination of vitamins and minerals to help support a healthy body:


• Vitamins B2 and B3 to support effective energy release^
• Essential nutrients iron, zinc and vitamin B12, which may be limited in plant based diets
• A good source of calcium and vitamin D for strong bones and teeth^


New MILO® Plant Based launches


MILO® Plant Based (RRP $6.99, 395g) is on shelf in Coles nationwide from 16 March and independent supermarkets from April – although some MILO® Plant Based cans have sprouted on to shelf early!


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^ When MILO Plant Based and soymilk is consumed as part of a healthy diet containing a variety of foods.

MILO® 30% LESS ADDED SUGAR is now available!


With parents increasingly concerned about added sugar in their children’s diets, we’ve created a MILO® drink that is true to MILO® and encourages people to drink milk, but delivers less added sugar.

MILO®®️ 30% LESS ADDED SUGAR still has the malt barley, milk powder and cocoa that MILO® is known for, but uses stevia for sweetness and soluble corn fibre for texture instead of cane sugar.

The new MILO®️® 30% LESS ADDED SUGAR is priced at RRP $7.99 for a 395g tin and will be available on shelf from later this week, alongside MILO® CLASSIC NZ TASTE.

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The taste of MILO®®️ is going back to its roots, reverting to the classic taste which has been a family favourite in Kiwi homes for generations.

MILO® is more than just a flavour – it’s a taste that summons memories.

Memories of drinking MILO® with your mates around school camp fires, of running inside after a rainy rugby practice, of cold winter mornings before school.

And as Kiwis of all ages, we have our special, personal way we like to enjoy our MILO®, all of which are closely linked to that classic MILO® taste.

As MILO® lovers, we wanted you to be the first to know that we are changing back to the classic MILO® taste you know and love.

Look out for MILO® Classic NZ Taste on shelves nationwide from Monday 20th May.

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